E-Pathsala Lecture Videos – Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Basics of Algorithm
Fundamental Stages of Problem Solving
Basics of Algorithm Writing
Analysis of Iterative Algoirthms
Rate of Growth and Asymptotic Analysis
Brute Force Technique
Closest Pair and Convex Hull
Exhaustive Searching and Optimization Problems
Divide and Conquer Methods
Multiplicaton of long integers and strassen Matrix Multiplication
Closest pair and Convex Hull problems using Divide and Conquer
Applications of Divide and Conquer
Decrease and Conquer Design Paradigm
More Decrease and Conquer Algorithms
Transform and Conquer Paradigm
More Transform and Conquer Problems
ore Transform and Conquer Problems Part II
Greedy Algorithms
More Greedy Algorithms
Minimum Spanning Tree
Optimal Merge and Shortest Path Algorithm
Transitive Closure and Shortest Path Algorithms
Longest Common Subsequence and String Edit
Optimal Binary Search Tree
Computational Complexities
Overview of NP Complete
Reduction and NP Complete Proof
NP Hard Problems
Randomized Algorithms
Randomized Algorithms
Approximation Algorithms
More Approximation Algorithms
Anna Edusat Lectures
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